Best Office Chairs

Best Office Chair and Gaming Chair for Your Better Workflow and Comfortable seating Experience.

1] Kepler Brooks Back Reclining Office Chair Available At (29%) Discount You Save:₹ 7,000.00

Key Features Of Kepler Brook Office Chair

  • Light & Strong Nylon Polymer structure.
  • It Has 4 gas piston for 5x durability.
  • Weight Bearing Capacity 350 Kgs.
  • Helps to maintain blood circulation.
  • Suitable for Long, comfortable working hours.
  • Highly recommended for those who experience back pain.
  • 360-degree swivel with 5 durable casters.
  • Customize your seating experience height adjustment.
  • Adjustable leg rest to suit your needs.
  • This product comes with a 3 year warranty.

Neck Support

Italia is designed with a wide & thick padded headrest to provide support to your neck and comfort to your head .This chair has it’s headrest integrated with the back which makes it firm and sturdy. This ensures there is no neck pain with long seating hours and makes the sitting experience a bliss.

Leg & Knee Support

Our chair comes with an adjustable height mechanism and a thick padded leg rest . This ensures you get a perfect seating posture. You can adjust the height of the seat and place your feet comfortably on the ground. With the leg rest on, you can place your calves on it and work comfortably.

Back Support

All our chairs are designed to follow the natural curve of your spine till the lower back. Designed to provide a dynamic seating capability, so as to prevent one-sided strain being placed on the muscles. You can recline and adjust the backrest as per your need. This chair protects your back from any pain.

2] Green Soul Monster Multi-Functional Gaming Chair Available At (48%) Discount You Save:₹ 17,043.00

Key Features Of Green Soul Gaming Chair

  • Fully adjustable and comfortable gaming chair.
  • This chair can support your arms and shoulder positions.
  • Neck Pillow Velour Material.
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow.
  • Adjustable Back Angle Between 90-180 Degrees.
  • Rocking Pressure Adjustor Height Adjustable.
  • Breathable Cool Spandex Fabric.
  • Carbon Texture 4D Armrest, 360 Degree Swivel.
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • Adjust the height an angle according to your will.


With the neck / head pillow, one can receive proper alignment for neck, and hence there is no scope of pain. Other regular chairs often miss this feature. makes the sitting experience a bliss.


With the lumbar pillow, one can receive proper back support, and hence there is no scope of back pain due to prolonged usage.


With the chair scientifically designed to support Indian consumers body types. Our seat is designed such a way that there won’t be thigh or leg pain even after long time of daily usage.

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